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Ever since I started to use this lash cleanser, my lash extensions last me so much longer. I don't know what I used to do without it! A game changer.

Emily W.Lash Extensions Foam Cleanser

This product blew me away. I was always told you couldn't get your lash extensions wet, so I was skeptical to try this product. Now I can't live without it! A must for the lash extensions wearers!

Suzy K.Lash Extensions Foam Cleanser

As a client who wear a lot of makeup with my lash extensions, it can be a problem when it comes to retention. This product is my holy grail now. I never knew removing eye makeup could be so easy! It has my lashes lasting way longer.

Natalie H.Lash Extensions Foam Cleanser

So easy to use! And so refreshing on my eyes!! Keeps my lashes so groomed and clean.

Nicola L.Lash Extensions Foam Cleanser