Lash Appointment Rules & Regs

Strict cancellation policy:

Cancel for free through your confirmation email up to 24 hours ahead. Otherwise, you can be charged 50% of the service price for late cancellation (within 24 hours), or 100% of the service price for not showing up to your appointment.

Before your appointment:

• Please come to your appointment wearing absolutely no makeup, especially around your eyes. If you come to your appointment wearing mascara you will be charged and extra fee for the removal of makeup and cleaning of your lashes.
• Avoid strip lashes, mascara, eyeliner and eye-shadow for 48 hours prior to your appointment.
• Please use the restroom right before your appointment. Using it in the middle of your appointment can disrupt the process and result in a shortened time slot.
• Avoid coffee or energy drinks the day of your appointment.
• Avoid wearing contact lenses to your appointment.


• Brush your lashes daily with a lash wand.
• Clean your lashes every day with an oil free foam lash cleanser.
• Do not rub, tug, pick at or play with your extensions.
• Avoid sleeping on your face.

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